AMON AMARTH - Fate Of Norns LP (Orange / Brown Marbled)

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LP  | "Fate Of Norns"


COLOUR: Orange / Brown Marbled

The band AMON AMARTH from Sweden always has been a very productive band, two years after "Versus The World" they publish another full album called "Fate Of Norns". With song like "Where Death Seems To Dwell", "The Pursuit Of Vikings", "Valkyries Ride", "Once Sealed In Blood", ... , the band once again accompanies their fans into the ancient world of the Vikings, where war, death and blood was the only aim in life for a viking warrior, musicwise not much has changed: you´ll get an real overdose of heavy and bulldozing swedish Death Metal, Black Metal á la AMON AMARTH, once again you can listen to brutal mid-tempo material not hyperfast and ripping blast-beat tunes. AMON AMARTH are more like a slow megaton rhino not like a racehorse.

AMON AMARTH´s album number six called "Fate Of Norns" originally was released on METAL BLADE RECORDS in the year 2004.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Orange / Brown Marbled vinyl that comes with large two-sided poster and with extra lyric insert.