MIDNIGHT - Shox Of Violence MLP (White / Black / Oxblood Splatter)

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MLP | "Shox Of Violence"


COLOUR: White / Black / Oxblood Splatter

MIDNIGHT is a Death Metal, Thrash Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, USA and was formed in the year 2003, they are well-known for their savage and simple Death Metal, satanic Metal Punk in the vein of TOXIC HOLOCAUST, VENOM, old BATHORY, ..., and since the band started they unleashed a lot of full albums, seven inches and shared releases with legendary acts like SHITFUCKER, NUNSLAUGHTER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and ABIGAIL. 

The sticker on this MLP says "Four brand-new songs from the reigning kings of lust, filth and sleaze ! Swift and swaggering "Shox Of Violence" delivers raw ´n ´ rabid Metal Punk majesty only MIDNIGHT can !". No need to say more than that !!!

This is the first vinyl pressing done in several different colours, this version here is on White / Black / Oxblood Splatter vinyl housed in a pocket cover with the lyrics printed on the back cover.