CELTIC FROST - Into The Pandemonium (Remastered) 2 x LP

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2 x LP | "Into The Pandemonium (Remastered)"

2017 | NOISE


In the year 1987 all CELTIC FROST fans desperately were waiting for new album to top the second album "To Mega Therion" and finally in november 1987 this legendary act from Switzerland presented their third album called "Into The Pandemonium", which was a shock for many, many die-hard Black Metal, Thrash Metal fans from all over the world. What happened ? "Into The Pandemonium" wasn´t another raw and brutal release full of dark and brutal Early Eighties Black Metal, it´s was way different, nowadays we can say that CELTIC FROST was far ahead of its time but nobody understand that album back then. CELTIC FROST introduced electronica into Metal music and their sound was really progressive, full of visionary ideas and ideals. Like it or not but this album is a real remarkable record in the Metal history and it should find its into every Metal collection.

The original pressing of "Into The Pandemonium" was done in 1987 by NOISE, Germany.

Over the top official re-release on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, housed in a thick gatefold cover (with the great original artwork done by H. R. Giger), added are two posters and a thirtysix paged 10" booklet with extended liner notes written by Tom G. Warrior. This double LP includes the original (but remastered) songs plus five songs that also were recording during the "Into The Pandemonium" session and one songs taken from the "The Collectors CELTIC FROST" 12".