EXODUS - Hardcore Metal (Live At Ruthie´s Berkley 30.3.1984) LP

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LP | "Hardcore Metal (Live At Ruthie´s Berkley 30.3.1984)"

201? | FANCLUB


EXODUS is one of the first Thrash Metal bands coming from the United States, they were formed in the year 1980 in San Francisco, California and together with other famous US Thrash Metal acts like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, MEGADEATH, ANTHRAX, ... they were most influental for countless contemporary and upcoming Thrash Metal, Speed Metal acts from all over the world. Early EXODUS stuff is savage, outrageous and very, very wild, unkown at this time and perfect for the rebellious and fucked up youth of the Early, Mid Eighties.

All eight songs were recorded during a gig in Berkeley, California with VICIOUS RUMOURS and TEMPTRESS on friday march 30th, 1984 and as bonus you´ll get an interview, the sound is decent, the cover is full-coloured and so this LP is amongst the better done bootleggs.

Several versions of this unofficial LP were done during the years, but the first one was released in the year 1985.

FANCLUB release on Black vinyl housed in a pocket cover, this version here was ripped from the original 1984 mastertapes and is longer than previous FANCLUB editions.