ASOCIAL - House Of Gore + LP (Black)

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LP | "House Of Gore +"

2017 | F.O.A. D. RECORDS 


ASOCIAL is a swedish D-Beat, Raw Punk band formed in the Early Eighties, together with other bands from their home country like MOB 47, DISARM, THE BERDRÖVLERS, ANTI-CIMEX, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, ... they were amongst the leading bands of this genre. The trademark of ASOCIAL is filthy, raw and distorted D-Beat, Skandicore, music made by freaks for all the fans of Raw Punk, Early Hardcore made in Scandinavia.

This is the third and final installment that completes the ASOCIAL vinyl re-issues to make all their work from the years 1982 - 1994 easily available for all you Scandicore maniacs. 
On this LP you can find material from this releases:
# "How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse" split tape with THE BERDRÖVLERS (1984)
# "Hardcore For The Masses" comp. LP (1988)
# "Attack Is Now Suicide" comp. LP (1988)
# "House Of Gore" EP (1992)
# "Distortion To Hell" comp. CD (1994)

The original version of "House Of Gore" was on a 7" EP released on CRASH MAG RECORDS, Sweden in the year 1994.

This version comes on Black vinyl limited to 200 copies and is housed in a glossy heavy gatefold cover with Silver hot-foil stamping.