KREATOR - Extreme Aggression (Remastered) 3 x LP

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3 x LP | "Extreme Aggression (Remastered)"

2017 | NOISE


After releasing their album "Terrible Certainty" in the year 1987 the german Thrash Metal legend KREATOR needed nearly two years to finish their fourth album called "Extreme Aggression", and they band went through some changes within this time, most obvious is the different artwork, no more monsters or pictures about war and cruelty, and musicwise the band became more professional and some kind of grown up. All material on "Extreme Aggression" is well composed, more complex as older songs, very often the speed is lowered down and great melodic parts were added. After releasing such a wonderful Thrash Metal, Speed Metal masterpiece it was no wonder that KREATOR finally made a big break through in the international Metal scene, the album sales were excellent and the band was able to do a North American tour to introduce their works to a lot of new friends.

The original pressing of "Extreme Aggression" was done as 12" LP in the year 1989 by NOISE INTERNATIONAL, Germany.

Over the top official re-release on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, housed in a thick triple gatefold cover (sleevenotes from Mille Petrozza are added too). This triple LP includes the original (but remastered) songs plus fourteen tracks from a live show in East Berlin, GDR in the year 1990 on the two (!) bonus LP´s.