H.D.Q. - Sinking Limited Edition 2 x LP + CD

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2 x LP + CD | "Sinking Limited Edition"


COLOUR: 2 x Black, CD comes in a PVC wallet

Hailing from Hendon, Sunderland, UK, H.D.Q. ( = HUNG, DRAWN AND QUARTERED) were one of the most important bands in the Late Eighties scene and in many ways paved the way for the likes of SNUFF and LEATHERFACE after them (in fact three members of H.D.Q. ended up in LEATHERFACE !!!). The band was centered around the guitar genius Dickie Hammond, who saddly passed away way too early. For those who don´t know H.D.Q. (maybe you´re too young) is to be said that they played faster and very melodic UK Hardcore, Punk, wonderful music that is sweet like candy but still furious and powerful as hell.

This here is part one of their discography including tracks from this releases:
# "Sinking" LP (1989, POSITIVE RECORDS, UK)
# one outtake from the "Sinking" session, originally released on the "Underground Rockers Vol. 2" comp. LP (1989)
# four songs recorded for their John Peel BBC show (first session, 198?)
# several tracks from the "Life Is" cassette (1988, BBP RECORDS, UK)

"Sinking", the third full album of the band, originally was released as single LP in the year 1989 on POSITIVE RECORDS from the UK.

Limited edition on Black vinyl, this release comes with 24" x 12" booklet insert and an extra CD including all the 27 songs.