NEGAZIONE - Tutti Pazzi EP

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7" EP | "Tutti Pazzi"



NEGAZIONE from Torino, Italy is one of the most famous Eighties Hardcore bands and have tons and tons of fans in their home country Italy as well as all over the world. They were active from 1983 - 1992, released several albums, EP´s and played a lot of great gigs together with contemporary Hardcore, Punk, Metal acts like LÄRM, HERESY, DEVIATED INSTINCT, BOLT THROWER, RIPCORD, CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, INDIGESTI, ... and many, many more. Back in the early days of the band the speed and anger of NEGAZIONE was new to the Underground Punk scene, NEGAZIONE songs were fast as fuck, pissy and totally chaotic, life in the Eighties wasn´t nice: the Cold War between East and West, Apartheid in South Africa, the Tjernobyl accident and several disasters fucked up the world and NEGAZIONE delivered the perfect soundtrack to this era.

All song material of this EP was recorded december 4th - 6th, 1984 at the Synergy Recording Studio in Colombaro PO (TO).

This is the first EP of NEGAZIONE and in the year 1985 the band released the original pressing by themselves.

This EP version here comes on Black vinyl and is limited to 600 copies, housed in a "huge" fold-out cover with all original artwork, lyrics and band photos this official re-release comes very close to the first pressing.