BOLT THROWER - Realm Of Chaos LP (Clear)

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LP | "Realm Of Chaos"



In 1989 Death Metal gods from BOLT THROWER released their second album named "Realm Of Chaos", now it´s finally re-released on EARACHE RECORDS as a part of the FULL DYNAMIC RANGE mastering series and with new artwork. The album "Realm Of Chaos" was / is a total blast, twelve songs (including Intro and Outro) of unknown brutality and heaviness were unleashed onto to Late Eighties Death Metal, Grindcore scene, BOLT THROWER were "shocking" their fans and metalheads all over the world with a fresh and super brutal sound, not many contemporary or actual bands were / are able to deliver sound material of the same power and heaviness. The original version is very hard to find nowadays and might be very expensive.

First pressing of BOLT THROWER´s second album came out in the year 1989 and was released by EARACHE RECORDS from the UK.

Limited repress of 500 copies on Clear vinyl (normally only available in the NUCLEAR BLAST mailorder), this LP comes with extra lyric sheet.