SLEEP - Dopesmoker 2 x LP (Transparent Green)

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2 x LP | "Dopesmoker"


COLOUR: Transparent Green

SLEEP is a Stoner Rock, Doom Metal band from San Jose, California, USA that emerged in the year 1990 from the remains of the band ASBESTOSDEATH. SLEEP and the legendary act  KYUSS were partners in crime in creating the Stoner Rock genre, Ozzy Osbourne went on record as saying SLEEP were the closest band he´d heard to BLACK SABBATH´s original Seventies style and feeling. On "Dopesmoker", SLEEP´s album number four, the band presents only one song which lasts over one hour, back then SLEEP´s original label LONDON RECORDS, USA refused to bring out an album with only one song and such a long playing time, so the band, already on the brink of breaking up, splitted up in the year 1999. Four years later (in 2003) TEE PEE RECORDS from the USA finally pressed the song on vinyl.

The first pressing of the "Dopesmoker" album was released in the year 2003 by TEE PEE RECORDS from the USA.

Limited re-issue on Transparent Green vinyl which comes in an ultra-heavy stoughton gatefold sleeve. This album contains the original track "Dopesmoker" and two live tracks recorded in the years 1992 and 1994, all song material was remastered for vinyl by Brad Boatright.