EA80 - 2 Takte Später LP

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LP | "2 Takte Später"



One of the longest running Punk acts in the German Punk Rock world, EA80 was formed in the city of Mönchengladbach in the year 1979. Their first release, a 7" EP entitled "Der Mord Fällt Aus", hit the streets in 1982 and the group had a fair regular release schedule over the decades. EA80 is one of the best german Punk acts ever and live they are an unforgettable experience. Some bands made a bad album, but here everything is right, particularly their D.I.Y. style, EA80 are living the Punk Rock way and it´s very nice to see people from overseas appreciate their music.

In the year 1985 the band itself did the first edition of their second LP named "2 Takte Später".

Great re-issue on Black vinyl, comes with the original artwork, the lyrics are printed on the backside of the pocket sleeve.