VOIVOD - Killing Technology LP


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VOIVOD - Killing Technology LP

VOIVOD - Killing Technology LP



LP | "Killing Technology"

2017 | NOISE


Back in the year 1987 it was the time of the third installment of the canadian Thrash Metal, Speed Metal band VOIVOD entitled "Killing Technology", it´s the time of extreme technical progress and the nuclear desaster in Tjernobyl, Ukraine and with that in mind the VOIVOD (an fictional character created by the band members) enters the era of "modern" technology. Songs like "Tornado", "Killing Technology", "Overreaction", "Forgotten In Space", ... are one of the best Thrash Metal, Speed Metal songs ever written and performed by a band coming from Canada, hand in hand with the progression of the alien VOIVOD the music of the band improved again, all songs are still fast and super heavy but full of well created melodies and interesting from the beginning to the end. In my opinion VOIVOD is amongst the most innovate Metal bands ever, but saddly way too underrated.

The original pressing of the third VOIVOD album was done in the year 1987 by NOISE INTERNATIONAL, Germany.

Over the top official re-release on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, housed in a pocket cover including all the original artwork, a printed innersleeve with lyrics and band photo is added too, also great to see that all songs got remastered.