ABSOLUT - Demo 2013 LP

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LP | "Demo 2013"



ABSOLUT are a Punk, Crust band from Toronto, Canada formed by some ex-members of the band RAMMER, they are a total ANTI-CIMEX worship and are playing extreme raw D-Beat, Skandicore sound. If you are into fucked up, distorted and super pissed off Raw Punk like GIFTGASATTACK, DISARM on LSD, early ANTI-CIMEX, D-CLONE or LEBENDEN TOTEN you will dig this for shure.

The original tape version came out in the year 2013 on the US label SUB // PAR RECORDS.

This here is the standard pressing on Black vinyl which is housed in a heavy carton cover, in addition you´ll get a poster and an extra lyric sheet. All songs got remastered and the vinyl is cut on 45 rpm to get maximum aural destruction.