ANAAL NATHRAKH - A New Kind Of Horror LP (Transparent Sage Green Marbled)

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LP | "A New Kind Of Horror"


COLOUR: Transparent Sage Green Marbled

Two years after "The Whole Of The Law" (2016) ANAAL NATHRAKH are back with another album, already their eleventh full length, called "A New Kind Of Horror". ANAAL NATHRAKH already has a reputation for creating some of the heaviest, violent and otherwise foreboding music in the Metal scene. The duo's - instrumentalist Mick Kenny and vocalist Dave Hunt - notoriety is well-earned, too:  anyone who has heard the band's amalgamations of Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore and whirring Industrial Noise will attest, it isn't just marketing hype, when the band is on point, the auditory carnage they reap is unlike anything else in the industry. "A New Kind Of Horror" manages to build on its predecessor's sound and ratchets the intensity far into the stratosphere. The result is unarguably one of the most ferocious albums in the last decade. This album is a must for fans of sick and very brutal music.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Transparent Sage Green Marbled vinyl, this album comes with mp3 download card, poster and extra lyric sheet.