DISFEAR - A Brutal Sight Of War LP

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LP | "A Brutal Sight Of War"



DISFEAR from Sweden were born out of the ashes of ANTI-BOFORS. In october 1992 the band recorded their debut EP in the Sunlight Studios, Sweden under the guidance of the well-known ENTOMBED producer Tomas Skosberg. Encouraged by the boverwhelming response DISFEAR went back to the Sunlight Studios and made their classic first album "A Brutal Sight Of War". With a DIS in the name it´s very clear what this Punk dudes are about: on this album they deliver nine tracks of DISCHARGE influenced D-Beat, Crust, Hardcore with harsh toxic vocals, discore riffs and fast tempos. 

"A Brutal Sight Of War" firstly was released in the year 1993 on LOST AND FOUND RECORDS from Germany.

Regular pressing on 180 Gram heavy Black vinyl limited to 950 copies, this album comes with lyric insert.