FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - No School, No Core. LP (Puke Color)

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LP | "No School, No Core."


COLOUR: Puke Color

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY are an age-old US Hardcore band formed in 1982 and originally from Ambler, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. From the start till know (yes they are still active) they played fast and relentless Hardcore, Punk, they released a lot of full albums, split releases and were featured on several compilations. Together with other more or less legendary bands such as ADRENALIN O.D., F, WHITE FLAG, ... they shared several outputs on vinyl, CD.
Now the US Hardcore, Punk, Thrash legends are back ! "No School, No Core." is their first new album in almost a decade and its everything you would want from these Philladelphia Punks ! Twenty breakneck thrash classics in the making ! Fast as fuck and totally killing, a must in your collection.

Limited european edition on Puke Color vinyl, this 12" comes in a nice LP pocket cover and extra lyric sheet.