INFERNO - Hibakusha LP (Die Hard, Red)

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LP | "Hibakusha"

2018 | POWER IT UP


In the Mid Eighties INFERNO became really famous in the international Punk scene, they released a split LP with EXECUTE, Japan on the legendary US label PUSMORT and their song "Ram It Up" was covered by S.O.D. (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH) from the U.S.A., which introduced the band to a lot of Metalheads too. The second full length "Hibakusha" from INFERNO, back then they were located in the city of Augsburg (to be found in the southern part of Germany), was recorded in summer 1985 at the legendary Music Lab Studios in Berlin. Fourteen brutal songs recorded with a pinch of Speedcore, that were not to be surpassed in power at that time. In the "Land of the Rising Sun"  the japanese term Hibakusha usually is used in connection with the victims of the atomic bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Together with bands like BOSKOPS, VORKRIEGSJUGEND, VORKRIEGSPHASE, CHAOS Z, ... INFERNO is one of the most famous Punk, Hardcore bands coming from Germany.

The original pressing of "Hibakusha" was released in the year 1986 on RISE & FALL PRODUCTIONS from Germany.

This here is the Die Hard edition on Red vinyl limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, the album comes in a nice inside out cover and with extra lyricsheet (all artwork has been reworked by Howie, ex-INFERNO), in addition all songs were remastered by Archie Alert (now in TERRORGRUPPE) too.