INFERNÖH / NOMAD - Split EP (Dark Purple Marbled)

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(Sweden / USA)

EP | "Split"


COLOUR: Dark Purple Marbled

This split EP between this two noisy Hardcore powerhouses was released for their recent East Coast US tour:

INFERNÖH are a swedish Punk, Hardcore that have that early TOTALITÄR sound, raw and noisey Hardcore, Punk, D-Beat Mangel for the ones who like MOB 47, KRÖMOSOM, WARVICTIMS, ... .

NOMAD from New York City, USA play ear splitting Raw Punk, Noise Punk that takes influences from old swedish as well as japanese bands. You can hear DISCLOSE, MOB 47, DISARM, FRAMTID, ... related parts in between their tracks, so expect very distorted and disturbing sound.

This here already is the second pressing of the European edition limited to 200 copies on Dark Purple Marbled vinyl (first pressing was done in 2014), this EP comes with screen printed fold-out cover and reverse artwork.