CHAMBER - Slaves To The Locust 2 x 10"

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2 x 10" | "Slaves To The Locust"

2016 | SM MUSIC


CHAMBER from Leipzig-Connewitz, Germany are back with another strike, with their second output "Slaves To The Locust" they became even more epic, more heavier and more melodic. Yes CHAMBER is a Black Metal band with blastbeat parts and full of dark melodies but they have highly political, left-wing lyrics, their songs often start very quiet, slow and epic, someway in the vein of NEUROSIS, with finally ending up in a total massacre of fast and pissed-off Black Metal in the vein of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM. Saddly this band is still too unknown but but soon they will end up in the first league of political Black Metal, darkened Crust bands.

This release comes on Black vinyl and in a nice gatefold cover plus extra insert.