HELLBASTARD - They Brought Death 10" (Toxic Yellow)

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10" | "They Brought Death"


COLOUR: Toxic Yellow

In the good old Eighties HELLBASTARD was one of the leading metallic Hardcore, Punk bands from the UK, as well as DEVIATED INSTINCT, AMEBIX, SACRILEGE, ... . Harsh vocals, simple Thrash Metal influenced Punk and highly political lyrical content this has been the trademark of this band. They are called to be the inventors of Crust because one of their demos was called "Rippercrust" and this term found a lot of open ears.
In 1988 a new HELLBASTARD line-up recorded a set of songs with their new drummer Bry Newton. Out of these seven songs, three were used for the "They Brought Death" EP  on  TEMPLE OF LOVE RECORDS, Germany. Released in several colours, this sold out quickly, making it a much sought-after item. Now after thirty-one years, this session is released on vinyl in full for the first time with full approval of the band´s lead guitarist Scruff. Just like the original release this new version comes in several Colours as well as a Special Edition Black vinyl version.

TEMPLE OF LOVE RECORDS from Germany did the original 7" EP version which was released in the year 1988.

This version here comes on Toxic Yellow vinyl, the 10" is housed in a nice pocket cover and comes with A3 poster insert including lyric and liner notes from Scruff himself.