ENTRAILS MASSACRE - Alienation Anarchism 6"

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6" EP | "Alienation Anarchism"

2014 | POWER IT UP


ENTRAILS MASSACRE from Rostock, Northern part of Germany were formed in the summer 1990 and since then they offer fast, whirlwind Power-Violence, Fastcore, Grind. Some of the members already play(ed) in other acts like WOJCZECH, WHO´S MY SAVIOUR CYNESS, OBSCURE MORTUARY, CUT YOUR HAIR, ... , so they got a lot of experience in playing fast and crushing music, so if you are into dynamic and full-speed Grindcore like PIG DESTROYER, MAGRUDERGRIND, DISCORDANCE AXIS, MARUTA, NOISEAR, SUFFERING MIND, ... you definitely will ove this band.

Limited edition of 400 copies on Black vinyl that comes in a nice cover and with extra lyric sheet.