ABURADAKO - First EP (Clear, Limited Edition)

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7" EP | "First"



ABURADAKO is a long-running japanese psychadelic Punk Rock, Rock group formed in the year 1983, since then they have released several full albums and this EP here, their first output ever. Starting as weird Hardcore, Punk act in their very early days the band later changed into a more freaky Avantgarde Rock band. On their first flexi EP they present six traditional Early Eighties japanese Punk, Punk Rock songs in the vein of THE STALIN or FUCK GEEZ, but early ABURADAKO was a little bit more fucked up and less melodic than this two bands.

The original version came out in the year 1983,  pressed as 7" flexi disc on the obscure label ADK RECORDS from Japan and nowadays this flexi is very rare and really expensive.

Super limited edition of 100 copies on Clear vinyl, the EP comes in a stamped, hand-numbered fold-out cover with all original artwork, an extra postcard and bonus sticker (both not available in the original pressing), mega special bonus is the embroidered patch with the band logo.