AKUTT-80 - Same EP

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EP | "Same"

(Germany / Italy)


AKUTT-80 was formed in 1978 in a small town in Norway called Kongsvinger under the name VICIOUS KIDS and laterRIOT, before settling AKUTT-80. The three kids aged 15, 17 and 18 found the vocalist in summer 1979 and quickly recorded a handful of songs at their bass player´s place, using the staircase as the vocal booth. His grandma, who was at home while the recording took place, did not like the vocals on “Prostituert” (Prostitute) and asked the boys to be more quiet, which can actually be heard on the recording. 
The whole thing was recorded in one day, there are no overdubs of any kind, all straight in. Four songs of mid tempo Punk Rock with one Reggae influenced song that you could expect from four teenage boys back in 1979. How this EP (originally released in 1981) has become a classic that is sold at high prices is a mystery. The myth says that the band made a fire and destroyed a lot of the records. Certain sources have it that Denis (the bass player) did it as a sort of a statement.

This EP originally was self-released by the band and saw the light of day in the year 1980.

This 7" EP comes on Black vinyl (limited to 300 copies), it is housed in a pocket cover and comes with insert.