BESTHÖVEN / DISJAWN - Split EP (Green Marbled)

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(Brasil / USA)

7" | "Split"


COLOUR: Green Marbled

What a brutal D-Beat, Raw Punk split release:

BESTHÖVEN Brasils legendary One Man D-Beat army returns with three new catastrophic, anti war, anti government fueled D-Beat tracks. Thousands Crust Punx have blasted his music through stereos since 1995 and the anger, the Dis-nightmare still continues.

South Philly´s DISJAWN return with three crucial tracks in the vein of SHITLICKERS, CONFUSE, ... and being pissed off from living in this fucking city ! DISJAWN fucking rule, they are a fucking Raw Punk group not to be fucked with, their side of this split EP will melt your fucking turntable.

300 copies on random recycled Coloured vinyl were pressed, this version is on Green Marbled vinyl and is housed in a nice fold-out cover, an additonal insert is included too.