BRUJERIA - Angel Chilango EP (White)

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(Mexico, USA, UK, ...)

7" EP | "Angel Chilango"



The band name BRUJERIA derives from the black magic used by some mexican drug dealers to inspire fear in religious locals, it´s the bands´ concept to sing about drugs, drug deals, satanism, black magic and Mexican revolution so the band name and also the live performance of the members perfectly fits into that concept. During live gigs the band members always hide their faces behind masks, but it´s not a real secret that members of BRUTAL TRUTH, NAPALM DEATH, AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST, ... join the original members to support them on live shows. It´s very hard to say BRUJERIA is a mexican or US band, because it´s more or less an international supergroup, the bands´ only aim is to invade and conquer this world with super heavy, brutal and down-tuned Death Metal, Grindcore. This sound definitely is NOT FOR WIMPS.

Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on White vinyl.