HAMMERHEAD - Opa War In Ordnung EP

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7" EP | "Opa War In Ordnung"



HAMMERHEAD from Germany are back, orginally founded in the Later Eighties in the city Bad Honnef and on some kind of hiatus since several years, this Hardcore, Punk band releases a brand new 7" EP in the year 2016. Nothing has changed, listening to the new HAMMERHEAD material brings you back to the good old and fucked up Nineties, on this EP you can find seven songs of pissed off and highly asocial Hardcore, Punk this band got famous for. HAMMERHEAD is a brutal punch into your face, their sound is perfect for a life full of alcohol and drugs that ends in endless misery and pain.

This EP here comes on Black vinyl housed in nice fold-out cover and additional download code.