HARNRÖHRER - Stadtguerilla EP

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EP | "Stadtguerilla"



HARNRÖHRER was a (West-) German Punk, Punk Rock band from the city of Freiburg, located in the south-western part, close to the Switzerland border, they were active from 1980 untill 1983. HARNRÖHRER is an untypical band on the legendary Pogar label, which is more famous for harsh and faster Hardcore, Punk, the band did simple 77`style Punk Rock, with pseudo guitar leads and a real good singer, Get this re-issue or loose a lot of money on EBAY or DISCOGS.

The rare and very expensive original pressing was released in the year 1982 on the POGAR label from Berlin, Germany.

Official repress on Black vinyl, this EP is housed in a fold-out cover including the original artwork.