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(Germany / Belgium)

7" | "Split"

2019 | POWER IT UP


What a sweet split release including two legendary Hardcore, Punk bands from the Eighties - MANIACS from Germany and ZYKLOME A from Belgium:

MANIACS from Rotenburg An Der Fulda, Germany were active from 1982 - early 1990, because of their fast and harsh played Deutsch Punk, Hardcore in the vein of INFERNO, VORKRIEGSJUGEND, ... they became a very famous german Eighties Hardcore band. The two songs presented here are from an unreleased session done in 1983, before they recorded the songs for their split LP with TIN CAN ARMY.

ZYKLOME A a Punk, Hardcore band from Bonheiden, Belgium were active from 1980 - 1985, they played fast and furious sound in the way so many bands did in the Good Old Eighties. The songs here were originally released on the "Cleanse The Bacteria" compilation (1984) and the "Made In Belgium" LP (1985), sooner or later they will be added to the upcoming ZYKLOME A Discography 2 x LP again.

The original pressing of this EP was released in the year 2017 and was added to the PLASTIC BOMB fanzine # 100 (only PLASTIC BOMB subscribers were able to get this version).

This version here on Black vinyl has been re-released for the RSD 2019 and comes with fold-out cover.