THE CLAY - The Middle East Combat Area EP

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7" EP | "The Middle East Combat Area"



THE CLAY were a Metal influenced Hardcore, Punk band active in the Early / Mid Eighties. They played cool, primitive Hardcore stompers with some metallic palm muting and thrown in Rock solos and as many of their contemporaries their politics was one-dimensionally anti-imperialist. THE CLAY only released a full 7" EP, plus some songs on the "Hold Up Omnibus" Comp. 8" and the "Great Punk Hits" Compilation LP. If you are not familiar with this band think of bands like CROW, GHOUL, G.I.S.M., LIPCREAM, ... and you might get an idea about the music of the band.

The original pressing came out in the year 1984 on DOGMA RECORDS from Japan and nowadays it´s very rare and really expensive.

Limited edition of 333 copies on Black vinyl, the EP comes in a fold-out cover with all original artwork, an extra lyric insert and bonus sticker (not available in the original pressing).