THE IDIOTS - Emmy Oh Emmy EP (Yellow Translucent)

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EP | "Emmy Oh Emmy"


COLOUR: Yellow Translucent

THE IDIOTS from the city of Dortmund were amongst the first Punk bands from Germany (formed 1978), in their beginnings the started with slow Oi !, Punk but in the Mid Eighties they changed their style into Hardcore, Punk. THE IDIOTS maybe are not as famous as other Deutsch Punk, Hardcore acts like SLIME, BOSKOPS, DAILY TERROR, HASS, ... but they were / are (yes they are active again) an essential part of the Punk, Hardcore scene in (Western Germany). If you don´t know THE IDIOTS yet think of faster but melodic Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Germany with a slight metallic edge.

The original pressing was done in the year 1986 by MÜLLEIMER RECORDS, Germany.

Finally an official repress, this here is the limited edition on Yellow Translucent vinyl and it is housed in an EP pocket cover (saddly no insert).