TOTALITÄR - Heydays Revisited EP (Magenta)

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EP | "Heydays Revisited"


COLOUR: Magenta

Thirteen years since the last TOTALITÄR record there is "Heydays Revisited" !!! Well actually this isn't new material let´s go back to 1987 / 1988: this five track 7" EP presents re-recordings or different mixes of their early catalog. If you liked the "Multinationella Mordare" 7" EP you will LOVE this one. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Sound Mastering, USA in 2020 these versions will definitly bring you back to another time. Here you hold a piece of swedish Hardcore history, any swedish Hardcore, D-Beat enthusiastic knows that, you just need to pick this up and judge for yourself !!! Be fast because these won't be around for long.  
These versions of these songs recorded in 1987 and 1988 and don't appear on any other record. 

# Multinationella mördare (re-recorded) 
# Kannibalerna (re-recorded) 
# Är detta frihet (re-recorded) 
# De Ouppfostrade Stör (first mix) 
# Framtidsplaner (first mix)

This is already the second pressing, this time with Magenta print on the fold-out cover. The EP comes on limited Magenta vinyl (only 200 copies) and with small sticker.