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PICTURE SHAPE 7" | "Manitou"

2019 | BMG


VENOM is a very legendary Black Metal, Heavy Metal band from Newcastle, Tyne And Wear, UK founded in the year 1979, with the release of their second album "Black Metal" they gave birth and name to the genre Black Metal. They also influenced the creation of other Extreme Metal styles such as Thrash Metal, Speed Metal and Death Metal. By some the band is considered to be a part of the NWOBHM movement, but according to Cronos (the vocalist / bassist of the band) words it wasn´t. "You think back to all those NWOBHM bands at the time: They all sounded like someone else, with boring riffs and predictable lyrics. We didn´t want to be part of that, even if it meant people didn´t like what we were doing at first, coz it was different".

On this shaped PiCTURE EP you find the two songs "Manitou" and "Woman".

The original pressing of this PICTURE SHAPE 7" was done in the year 1984 on NEAT RECORDS from UK.

"Limited" edition of 4000 copies exclusively re-issued for the RSD 2019, this nice looking piece of vinyl comes with extra insert / lyric sheet.