YACÖPSAE - Gästezimmer 8"

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8" EP | "Gästezimmer"

2016 | POWER IT UP


In the year 2015 Fastcore, Power-Violence heros YACÖPSAE from Hamburg, Germany had their 25th anniversary and to celebrate this "event" the members had some kind of freaky idea: they invited a bunch of different people from all over the world to "sing" for the band. Fifteen tracks (all about thirty seconds long), placed twice on the record (subdivided in two sides: female / male) and all participants had to create own lyrics, additionally each person had to write a few neutral sentences about the very first encounter with YACÖPSAE. Nothing really new but the list of participating singer is really impressive: Kurt Brecht / USA (D.R.I.), Sabina Classen / Germany (HOLY MOSES), Alexandra von BOLZ´N / Germany (CROWSKIN, BOLZ´N, KIMUSAWEA), Ami Lawless / USA (VÖETSEK), Bert Sergon / Germany (BIZARRE X), the members of CORROSIVE / Germany, Bernd Spring / Germany (ULCEROUS PHLEGM, DEEP), Danny Dead / Germany (DEAD, NECROPSY), Diana Canon Lizarazo / Colombia (URSUS), Giulio Baldizzone / Italy (CRIPPLE BASTARDS), Karl Nagel / Germany (MILITANT MOTHERS, MORBID OUTBURST), Leonie Marie Löllmann / Germany (SVFFER), Risky Kurniawan / Indonesia (HOLIYDAYXSUCKERS), Chris Dodge / USA (SPAZZ, STIKKY, TO THE POINT) and many more. LAST BUT NOT LEASTt: forty-five kids, in the age between three and five years, are singing "Brother Jakob" in two different languages (german and turkish).

This version here is pressed on Black vinyl, it comes in a nice  8" pocket cover and with small booklet.