ZYANOSE - Loveless EP

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7" | "Loveless"

2019 | D-TAKT & RÅPUNK


Japanese Raw Punk, Noise Punk maniacs from ZYANOSE are back with another strike of pure chaotic Punk madness. "Loveless" offers five tracks, recorded in the Chain Studios, Japan (?), in the typical ZYANOSE style. Sorry my friends this sound is beyond Crust Punk sanity, in the Eighties this was called Grindcore.

In the year 2008 the original version of this EP was released on the japanese label CRUST WAR.

A total of 600 copies on Black were pressed, 300 copies were sold separately, issued with a pocket sleeve (this version here, comes with extra insert). The remaining 300 copies were included in the Zyanose 7" Box Set and are coming with a foldover sleeve.