ASPHYX - Abomination Echoes 3 x LP Box (Silver)

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(The Netherlands)

3 x LP Box | "Abomination Echoes"


COLOUR: Silver

ASPHYX are long standing Death Metal band from Oldenzaal, The Netherlands formed in the year 1987. The group disbanded in 1996, but reformed in 1997 as SOULBURN. In the year 2000 they changed name back to ASPHYX but dissolved again the same year. In 2007 they finally reunited again and are still active. Next to BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, DISMEMBER,  ... they are one of the most important Death Metal bands from Europe, some of their (ex-) members were active in great acts like PESTILENCE, BOLT THROWER, HAIL OF BULLETS, SACROSANCT, ... and some more.

"Abomination Echoes" is a compilation of early material of the band and includes songs from this (live) sessions, demos, releases:
LP 1: 
Side A - "Enter the Domain" demo, Side B - "Crush The Cenotaph" demo (both from 1989) 
# LP 2: 
Side A - Rehearsals, Side B - "Mutilating Process" 7" EP (1989)
# LP 3: 
Side A - Live in Hedon Zwolle, The Netherlands (1989), Side B - Promo 1991

"Abomination Echoes" originally was released as 6 x EP Box, CENTURY MEDIA from Germany did this first version in the year 2010.

This deluxe 3 x LP Box set (limited to 800 copies on Silver vinyl) is housed in a luxurious casewrapped slipcase, including a twenty paged booklet with lyrics, each LP comes with it´s own pocket cover and insert, the set also includes a previously unreleased track: "Priest of Mendes".