CANCEROUS GROWTH - Hmmlmmlum ... LP (Clear)

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LP | "Hmmlmmlum ..."



"Hmmlmmlum ..." is the second album of the US band CANCEROUS GROWTH from Boston, Massachussets, USA, maybe not as fast as their raging debut "Late For The Grave" (1985) but still a masterpiece of Mid, Late Eighties Hardcore, Thrashcore made in the U.S.A. . Band leader Charlie Infection also was involved in the band PSYCHO (angry and brutal Hardcore, Fastcore legends) and the label AX/CTION RECORDS the home of PSYCHO, CANCEROUS GROWTH, THE SCAM, BULGE, ... and some other bands that can not be named here. There are fifteen songs on the album, okay some of them could not be placed onto modern vinyl in these days, not shure if people in this modern P.C. times would accept such kind of sarcasm, humour and irony, back in the Eighties some folks seemed to have a different way of thinking, but despite of that lyrics / titles this album is really, really good, back in the days (now famous) label NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS from Germany did a european pressing too.

Originally released in the year 1987 on the US label AX/CTION RECORDS.

Limited re-issue done for the Recordstore Day 2016, 1000 copies on Clear vinyl housed in a LP pocket cover with printed inner-sleeve got pressed.