NEGAZIONE - ... Lo Spirito Continua ... CD

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CD | "... Lo Spirto Continua ..."


CD: professionally pressed CD

NEGAZIONE was a very well-known italian Hardcore band that was active from 1983 to 1992, amongst the first wave of fast and furious Hardcore, Punk bands like INDIGESTI, WRETCHED, EU´S ARSE, UPSET NOISE, DISPER-AZIONE, ... , they brought Italy on the international Punk map with a huge bang. Italian Hardcore music of the Early, Mid Eighties has been super fast and really pissed off, some kind of unique and totally unknown for the typical Punk of these times. "... Lo Spirito Continua ..." is the first full album of NEGAZIONE, the songs there are a little bit slower and with more structure than their early and raging material, but still this album is one of the best and fastest european Eighties Hardcore albums ever. If you are into bands like HERESY, LÄRM, early NAPALM DEATH, THE STUPIDS, RIPCORD, ... and don´t own the original pressing, be fast and buy this re-edition.

The first pressing of "... Lo Spirito Continua ..." was released in the year 1986 on KONKURREL from The Netherlands.

Official re-issue on CD that comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve and with additional fold-out lyric sheet.