IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods LP (Neon Orange)

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LP | "Northern Chaos Gods"


COLOUR: Neon Orange

Nine years after their last album "All Shall Fall", after the band splitting up in 2015, original member Abbath leaving the band and the whole story ending up in a legal feud over the rights of using the band name IMMORTAL, the norwegian Black Metal legend is back with a new album called "Northern Chaos Gods". The first question of Die Hard IMMORTAL fans has been: Is IMMORTAL still IMMORTAL after Abbath left the band to continue under is own name ? And the answer is: YES !!! On "Northern Chaos Gods" IMMORTAL delivers eight tracks of pure dark and blasting Black Metal smashers made in Norway. Buying this album is a real must for a fan of brutal Black Metal !!!

Limited edition of 300 copies on Neon Orange vinyl, the LP is housed in a nice gatefold cover.