KAZJUROL - Multi Dead World LP

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LP | "Multi Dead World"



KAZJUROL are a Hardcore, Crossover, Thrash Metal band orginally from Fagersta, Västmanland, Sweden and are more or less active since the Mid / Late Eighties, maybe some of you them from their older releases: "Messengers Of Death" EP (1987), "Dance Tarantella" LP (1990), "Concealed Hallucinations" EP and "Bodyslam" EP (both 1991) but since then a lot of time has passed. The band KAZJUROL of today are different than their younger version, of course they still play metallic Hardcore, Punk, Thrash Metal, but in the present time their musicianship has improved a lot and this album has a real good studio sound. Now you can choose if you prefer the Eighties youngsters with a raw, bumpy Eighties sound or the adult version with modern, brutal and perfect production, both versions are really good in my opinion.

This album comes on Black vinyl, housed in a LP pocket cover and with printed innersleeve (saddly no lyrics added).