LIK - Misanthrophic Breed LP (Opaque Red)

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LP | "Misanthropic Breed"


COLOUR: Opaque Red

Those who still miss the good old times when Old School Death Metal made in Sweden was strong and brutal should check out LIK from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Yes of course initiated Die Hard Death Metal fans already know them from their previous outputs, BUT this act deserves way more attention than now. LIK are playing Death Metal in the vein of early ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, ... but they do it without being a blind and dumb copy: all eleven songs of this album sound original, fresh and super brutal, believe me this LP is a MUST if you love Death Metal, maybe the best album of this genre released in 2020.

This album comes on Opaque Red vinyl (this version here is limited to 400 copies), it is housed in a gatefold sleeve with "evil" artwork, it also comes with poster and download card.