AGATHOCLES - Commence To Mince LP

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LP | "Commence To Mince"



Hard to say something new about this belgian Grindcore, Mincecore legend, active since the year 1985, AGATHOCLES is one of the most active Grindcore bands ever, the list of their full and split releases (on all kind of formats like CD, vinyl and tape) is sheer endless and they still play live regularily. On "Commence To Mince" the band presents thirty-five new studio tracks in under thirty-four minutes, all material was recorded in july / october 2015 and mixed early 2016 at the Soundshape Studios in Schaffen, Belgium. All songs are short, brutal and nihilistic, a cover song of the veteran Punk band DESNUTRICAO from Brasil is included too. The album is a top-notch AGATHOCLES release, comparable to evergreen full lenghts of the band like "Black Clouds Determinate", "Razor Sharp Daggers" or "Grind Is Protest".

The CD version of "Commence To Mince" already was released in the year 2016, SELFMADEGOD RECORDS, Poland did this digital version too.

This edition here is limited to 400 copies on Black vinyl and is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.