AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Altered States Of America / ANBRX Pharmaceuticals II LP (Baby Pink)

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LP | "Altered States Of America / ANBRX Pharmaceuticals II"


COLOUR: Baby Pink

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED a Grindcore band from Massachusetts, USA plays insane, frantic and very evil music, they are using a drum computer and this is a very sick way. Fast, faster, the fastest Grindcore, Power-Violence mixed with some experimental Noisecore that only attracts real retarded Noise freaks, this here is for those who think NASUM, PHOBIA, REPULSION, TERRORIZER, ... is not extreme enough.

"Altered States Of America" originally was released on CD only by RELAPSE RECORDS, USA in the year 2003, this re-issue includes the trax from the CD and 28 songs remixed by the DJ DELTA 9 from Chicago, USA: it´s called the ANBRX Pharmaceuticals II "Altered States Of America RX" session or something like that, USA, totally insane Noise stuff.

Limited edition of 800 copies on Baby Pink vinyl , this LP comes with fold-out lyric insert and download code.