AMON AMARTH - The Crusher LP (Orange / Brown Marbled)

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LP  | "The Crusher"


COLOUR: Orange / Brown Marbled

Two years after their album "The Avenger" the swedish Death Metal, Black Metal AMON AMARTH unleashed their next strike named "The Crusher": once again the band brings their fans into the world of the "Vikings", into a country far, far away in the northern part of Europe, in times when brave warriors were worshipping their gods and fighting wars, in a time when dying in the battle was the only aim of a honorable man / warrior. With songs like "Masters Of War", "The Sound Of Eight Hooves", "Annihilation Of Hammerfest", ... AMON AMARTH proves that with each release they´re leading their kind of music into some kind of perfection. Still they play melodic but very brutal swedish Death Metal with hints of Black Metal, all the time it´s midtempo material focused on heaviness not on speed. With their album "The Crusher" AMON AMARTH continues their way to reach the peak of the Death Metal, Pagan Metal olympus.

The forth AMON AMARTH album "The Crusher" originally was released on METAL BLADE RECORDS, Germany in the year 2001.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Orange / Brown Marbled vinyl that comes with large two-sided poster, extra lyric insert and with one bonus song.