ANACRUSIS - Suffering Hour 2 x LP (Dark Grey Marbled)

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2 x LP | "Suffering Hour"


COLOUR: Dark Grey Marbled

ANACRUSIS a Thrash Metal, Speed Metal band from St. Louis, Missouri, USA has been active from 1986 - 1993, before they became a Progressive Metal band (around 1991) they played knotless Eighties Thrash Metal, fast, relentless and aggressive.The songs of "Suffering Hour" album were recorded at Holly Hills Studios, USA in the beginning of the year 1988 and sound very professional, very well arranged, no pure blasting wall of noise, more technical and well thought song writing without loosing the Thrash Metal power. "Suffering Hour" might attract fans of EXODUS, later DESTRUCTION, SABBAT or TESTAMENT.

The first pressing of the "Suffering Hour" album was released in the year 1988 on AXIS RECORDS, UK.

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies on Grey Marbled vinyl, the LP is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve and comes with bonus track. This three-sided double album comes with laser etching on Side D.