ANTITROTT - 84 - 87 Double LP

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2 x LP | "84 - 87"


COLOUR: LP 1: Red, LP 2: Black, plus additional DVD-R

ANTITROTT were a East German Punk band active from 1984 - 1987, they started in the city Frankfurt, Oder, but later in 1986 they moved to East Berlin, after the band splitted up in 1987 the bassist Jörn Schulz started the acts GRABNOST and WARTBURGS FÜR WALTER. There have been some few Punk bands that got a little bit more famous outside of the country, acts like SCHLEIM-KEIM, NAMENLOS, L´ATTENTAT, ... got some attention in the international Punk scene back then and now, but not many Punx ever might have heard of the band ANTITROTT. This is very sad because ANTITROTT is fucking great, raw, aggressive and fast Punk, sometimes even on the edge to early Grindcore. ANTITROTT are the East German answer to VORKRIEGSPHASE, SM-70 and WUT and interested parties should check them out.

Limited edition of 314 copies with one LP on Red vinyl and the other one on Black vinyl, the Black LP is single-sided with etching on the flipside. This great double album comes with heavy gatefold sleeve, twenty-paged, full-coloured booklet, A2 poster and a short clip on the bonus DVD-R.