AUTOPSY - All Tomorrow´s Funerals 2 x LP

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2 x LP | "All Tomorrow´s Funerals"



AUTOPSY from San Francisco, USA features (ex-) members of DEATH, ABSCESS, FUNERAL, EAT MY FUK, DOOMED, ... and since their formation in the year 1987 the band is a trademark for brutal Old School Death Metal made in the U.S.A. . AUTOPSY play fucked up and super heavy sound, ranging from gloomy mid-tempo songs to very fast and sick tracks the band always delivers perfect Death Metal sound fitting for the ears of the most perverted and fucked up Metalheads. You think DEATH, NECROPHAGIA, SLAUGHTER, OBITUARY, ... are not brutal enough, feel free to become an AUTOPSY addict.

The first edition of "All Tomorrow´s Funerals" also was released on PEACEVILLE RECORDS and saw the light of day in the year 2012, on this album you can listen to five songs that were recorded in the year 2011 plus all at that time out of print non-album studio songs.

This double LP comes on Black vinyl housed in a nice full-coloured gatefold sleeve and with printed innersleeves.