AUTOPSY - Mental Funeral LP

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LP | "Mental Funeral"



AUTOPSY is a legendary Death Metal band from San Francisco, USA active since the Later Eighties. Chris Reifert, the ex-DEATH drummer, recruited new members and formed an unholy beast of super fucked up Death Metal with extreme slow and doomy parts. AUTOPSY (in the past and now, yes they are still active) play fast and raw stuff in the vein NECROPHAGIA, DEATH, POSSESSED, SADUS, ... that very often end in superslow and mangy Doom parts that even frighten members of CELTIC FROST, WINTER or GRIEF. "Mental Funeral" is the second output of AUTOPSY and is as good as their debut "Severed Survival" and partly tops it, this album is a must for every fan of extreme Death Metal.

The first edition of "Mental Funeral" also was released on PEACEVILLE RECORDS and saw the light of day in the year 1991. This re-release offers "newly" remastered songs, the new mastering was done in the year 2003 at the Transfermation Studio in the UK.

This LP comes on Black vinyl housed in a nice full-coloured gatefold sleeve.