BLITZKRIEG - Ohne Zukunft 2 x LP

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2 x LP | "Ohne Zukunft"


COLOUR: Multicoloured vinyl (there are various options around), LP 1 and LP 2 have different Colours

An authentic historical document of early German Punk (side note: part of the band later found the BOSKOPS). 
This here is a historical lesson: Hannover in the year 1981. Punk in its early phase and the band BLITZKRIEG in its middle, they were founded in 1979 and already disbanded in 1982. 
“Ohne Zukunft” is the complete discography as a double LP with all the material, Blitzkrieg ever recorded, including the legendary "Ohne Zukunft" EP from 1981 (NO NORDSTADT RECORDS, Germany), live material (1980), rehearsal material (1979 - 1982) and all compilation-tracks from "Soundstracks zum Untergang Vol. 2" (1982), "Wir sind alle Schlawiner" - LP (1989), "KZ 36" (1980) and "Korn Live" (1982) - compilations.
BLITZKRIEG played minimalistic Hardcore, Punk with political and personal lyrics and straight anti-attitude, (self-) destructive, total no future Punk of the Late Seventies, Early Eighties.

In the year 1984 LOST AND FOUND RECORDS from Germany did a double CD version of this compilation.

This compilation album is housed in a nice gatefold cover and comes with insert, various "editions" with different vinyl colours were made (Blue, Red, Brown, Grey, Purple, ...).