BLOOD FEAST - Face Fate MLP (Transparent Milky Clear / Solid Orange Splatter)

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MLP | "Face Fate"


COLOUR: Transparent Milky Clear / Solid Orange Splatter

BLOOD FEAST was an US Thrash Metal, Speed Metal act brought to life in the Mid Eighties, back then they were known as the East Coast´s answer to SLAYER. In the Eighties they only released two full albums and a MLP, but this helped the band to get quite well-known in the Underground Metal scene.  BLOOD FEAST is an real essential part of the Eighties US Thrash Metal scene, although they never became as famous as acts like EXODUS, SLAYER, TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX, ... .

"Face Fate" delivers four tracks of dirty, fast and aggressive North American Old School Thrash Metal.

The original pressing was released in 1987 on the US label NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS.

Limited edition of 350 copies on Transparent Milky Clear / Solid Orange Splatter vinyl, the LP comes with an extra lyric sheet and poster.