BOLT THROWER - Honour Valour Pride 2 x LP (Clear "Armory" Green Marbled)

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2 x LP | "Honour Valour Pride"


COLOUR: Clear "Armory" Green Marbled

On this album Dave Ingram (from BENEDICTION) was doing the vocals, not as usual Karl Willets, but still BOLT THROWER continues their brutal Death Metal crusade, unstoppable and merciless. Every second of their sound is a total blast, better get run over by a bulldozer than listening to BOLT THROWER, this band is crushing Old School Death Metal pure. Hail to the kings / queen of Death Metal from the UK !

The first pressing of this album was done in the year 2001, as well on METAL BLADE RECORDS (worldwide).

Limited collector´s edition of 1000 copies on Clear "Armory" Green Marbled vinyl, housed in a nice gatefold cover and with extra giant poster.